Today is first of November – world vegan day !

Bag Affair and all our business bags for women are vegan and PETA approved. We only work with quality cork to make our bags and we are proud to do so.

But why? Why for us it is important not to use leather even if it is “so soft” and “high quality” as many say? Why no wool even though it is “so natural” and why no other single ingredient as for example the wax for our wood handles of the business bag Bossy, which we could use bee wax for instead of vegan oil?

Because we think that all factors of making a great product are important to look at: Working conditions of humans, impact on the environment as well as impact on animals.

There is a lot of discussion of leather in fashion accessories derived from meat production and will be there anyhow. But how about reducing or even stopping to eat meat? Sounds crazy to you- take a look at this:

Veganism reduces environmental impact

Veganism is the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact following a study of Oxford University. Global farmland could be reduced by 75% if we were to stop eating meat and dairy products. Greenhouse gas emission could significantly drop but think as well what just happened at the Amazonas and the big fires. Veganism and less farmland mean as well less cutting trees to turn forest into fields. Another report published this October 2019 says “A global switch to diets that rely less on meat and more on fruit and vegetables could save eight million lives by 2050 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds”. Dr Peter Alexander, at the University of Edinburgh: “My personal opinion is we should interpret these results not as the need to become vegan overnight, but rather to moderate our [meat] consumption.”

white baby lambs on green grass on world vegan day

We could go on and on, but our goal is not to preach you- veganism is like fast fashion. Think about your consumption and from time to time lower it down a bit. Ask where your meat comes from, what the conditions behind have been and if 1kg is sold for an incredibly low price, doubt about the conditions behind. Buy less but better quality – fashion as food.

Vegan fashion and vegan bags

Vegan fashion is like vegan food: no animal input – means no material from animals at all, no wool, no leather and no fur.

Vegan bags are widely existing today, not just from cork but as well from many other alternatives from fake leather to apple leather. Keep in mind that leather derivate are made to look like leather without being it- for us a bit like the “soya steack” or “vegan nuggets” – something which should not be called steak or nuggets, or leather…. But that’s another story.

You have the choice today to say no to products where you do not know where the material comes from or how it is made – and especially leather has a very low rate of traceability. So ask “who made my bags” and “from what it is made” and find better alternatives to leather.

Enjoy world vegan day

Most important you should enjoy this 1st of November. Today is as well “All Saints’s Day” in many countries of the world and you might have a day off. So use your day and inform yourself about veganism, or maybe try a vegan restaurant, cook vegan or decide some vegan shopping.

PETA for example delivers you a full list of brands which are vegan approved here.

Vegan France the French association for vegan life gives out as well a shopping list of brands here.  

You prefer to read rather than shopping? – Great as well. We already told you about the blog from Noa – Style with a smile, but here you find a further list of vegan fashion blogs listed by Eluxe Magazine.

Did you ever cook vegan food?

As for sure after a nice day, reading, shopping or just being out in the nature, you will be hungry and on world vegan day, why not to try to cook vegan? – It is easier than you thought.

Check out the Instagram called “contemporary vegan”: – Surprised of the variety of dishes you can do without meat, dairy or any other product of animal origin?

Ok and now tell us- even if you are usually not living vegan, how was this day? Maybe it could become an option to have a vegan day per month or per week? We are not here to convert you but to share ideas of a more healthy, lighter and more environmental lifestyle- from food to fashion- and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!