When thinking about vegan products you will have the soja steak in mind or maybe the almond milk or other foods. But there are many vegan innovations, going much further than food and drinks. 

As on 1st of November it is World Vegan day, we would like to highlight this year’s innovative and different vegan products. World vegan day is a great occasion to show that veganism goes much further than your dishes. What the day is about and to learn more you can check back on our blog article about it. 

Here, we want to present to you brands we love as they are very different to what is usually on the market. 

Vegan cosmetics

You know we love cosmetics as we regularly present amazing brands and products. But now we discovered another brand bringing skin and hair care products which are really innovative. This brand is Louise emoi. The products are made in France of natural ingredients and all vegan. But that is not all: The brand innovates in their products. 

What do you think of if we tell you: Mango butter, avocado broccoli and sesame? Sounds like salad, a bowl or a vegan dish, right? Let me tell you that this is not what Louise emoi made out of it. They bring to you a hair mask which will strengthen your hair and make it shine again. A nourishing mix which is a truly relaxing moment. 

And after your hair care you will also need some vegan cosmetics for your skin. Their oil is perfect for this as it softens your skin while being without any essential oils. This is especially important for allergic or sensitive people. You can be sure that their products are great for everyone. 

Vegan and soft soaps

Further, you can find for your everyday routine great soaps from Louise emoi. They work with a natural and soft process to manufacture the soaps. All natural and great for skin and hands. You can discover the full range here and for sure will find more than one favourite. 

Vegan bee wrap

At least as vegan products are important, zero waste is. So if both could be combined, how amazing would this be? 

This is exactly  what Anotherway brings to you. The company from the south of France is specialised in zero waste products, cleaning tools but also bee wraps. Bee wraps are a great innovation as they replace all plastic films and aluminium foil. The only negative point is that bee wrap is not vegan and not adapted for vegan consumers. 

But this is where Anotherway innovates and brings a new innovative product: The VEGAN wrap. Like a bee wrap these are wraps to put your food inside or to close your bowls, but fully vegan. 

They can be used and re-used, easily cleaned, reduce waste and are made in France. We are clearly in love! 

Further, only on the homepage of Anotherway you will discover countless amazing zero waste products as Do-it-yourself kits, packaging for zero waste shopping or soap blocks for your dishes.

Discover their products HERE, but we warn you: You won’t leave without a purchase.  

No vegan leather but vegan innovations

At Bag Affair we work fully vegan. But not just vegan but also plastic free. We did tell you about this before as terms such as “vegan leather” are quite misleading and most times working with plastics instead. We work with natural materials only and are still vegan. 

Our innovation goes up to developing a new material which we call “CORKonLINEN” made of linen and cork, European, natural and compostable. This is how vegan innovation should look like for us. 

Make your vegan choice

Keep in mind that you, as a consumer, have a vote. Make your choices wisely. Discover these vegan products and try them. Every little step makes a difference so try new things and find out your favourite. 

How about a relaxing day thanks to the products from Louise emoi and some vegan food afterwards. And if there is food left, just wrap it in your Vegan wrap. Enjoy your vegan day!