Laptop bags, business bags and handbags for women

Buy business bag and laptop bags which are designed for women. In this shop you can find feminine business handbags as laptop bags which are better than messenger bags and briefcases. Firstly they are feminine and practical but secondly ethical as well.

Made for women in business who need the perfect handbag or business accessories.

Bags for real business women

Laptop bags for the equality at the workplace

Women need equality at the workplace. And to reach this they need the right tools. This for Bag Affair was created: to provide business bags and laptop bags for women, which are answering their needs. All handbags have a feminine and timeless look, are practical to store laptop and documents and are ethical and 100% made in Europe.

We believe that women do not want a briefcase for men, neither neutral nor non-fashionable messenger bags. Women need solutions for their day in the office and work bags which are adapted. This for the bags you can buy here have up to 15 pockets, can store all needs from technical accessories up to documents.

Buy your business bag here: a bag that will answer all your needs. No matter if you prefer a laptop bag, a business backpack or a bag to carry on your shoulder; you will find what you are looking for. All items are vegan bags, made of natural and sustainable materials.


When thinking of business bags, the first item coming to the mind is a briefcase -the traditional, black bag, which has a square format and a masculine look. Business women need more feminine solutions, handbags which are also made for business and meetings. And exactly these you will find here.

Messenger bag

The same is valid for the so-called messenger bags. Even though the format is practical and easy to carry documents, the bags are in a sporty look and often not made for women. Bag Affair offers bags which are practical as messenger bags but as fashionable as feminine handbags!

Handbag for work

Handbags are girls best friends, like shoes and jewellery. But for business, for being a boss lady, for meetings and for business travel every business women needs a handbag for work. This bag should be the perfect mix between a feminine handbag and a practical work bag. And here you go – the bags from Bag Affair are just what you are looking for.

Laptop bags for women

What women need are laptop bags made for their needs during a business day from meetings to travel. All models from Bag Affair allow carrying easily laptops inside up to 17 inch format. These laptop bags for women are designed from women with the specific needs in mind and without forgetting about the look.

Business backpack

If you prefer to carry your handbag on a ride on the bike or during your way to the office, a business backpack might be what you are looking for. The solutions offered here are flexible and not a sporty backpack, but backpacks for women who do not want to compromise on style.

Work bag

Like in the song from Rihanna and Drake, business ladies “work, work, work” and for this they need the perfect work bag. Handbags and laptop bags in one, the work bags do combine all needs from practical, spacious organization to the perfect look. This is why all bags in this category are just made to be your new work bag.

Document bag

Folders, contracts and other documents is what you need to carry in your bag to the office and to business meetings. For this reason every laptop bag from Bag Affair is at the same time a document bag. The bags offer space to store and organize documents and at least A4 format fits in all of them.

Business bag

We believe you understood what we wanted to create here: Business bag for women! The design is done by women for women and that makes all the difference. Bag Affair is the specialist for business bags!

Accessories for work

Find more bags, tablet sleeve, passport cover and pouches in the accessories category to complete your look. No matter if passport cover for business travel, a briefcase for everyday life or a tablet sleeve to protect your digital items. You will find all you want to buy and even great gift ideas!