Feminist – Fair – Fashionable

Equality – one bag at a time

Bag Affair was born with one goal: Empower women thanks to the right business bags.

Handbags are more than accessories to carry tools, documents or personal items. Handbags are part of who you are, as clothes are. Fashion and the way we dress impact how we are perceived, but as well our way we walk and our confidence. And bags and shoes are part of fashion.

Business bags are part of your professional appearance. Imagine to walk in a meeting room, take out your contract from one bag, your personal items are in another and then you need to find back the right business card, which you thought are in one, but maybe they are in the other … This is the usual situation of most professional women. They always carry a laptop and document bag and a handbag. As they could not find the handbag they need as tool they need for work.

Bag Affair wants to empower women thanks to the right business bags. We cannot claim equality and same salaries for women and men if we do even not give the same tools as simple and a bag. We want equality, we are feminist and we are happy to make a little step towards it, bag after bag!

No feminism without fairness

We cannot claim feminism, knowing that over 70% of persons working in the fashion industry are women. And most women work under really bad conditions.

Bag Affair wants to be fair. Fair to animals by being a fully vegan brand, fair to humans by working only in Europe with suppliers and workshops we know, with fair conditions. And we work fair for the planet by reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

Other brands claim to be “sustainable”, “reducing impacts”, “doing better”, “ethical” – for Bag Affair the choices we made just sounded logical to us. We do not want to “improve until 2030”, we do things the best we can since start. Does not mean that we cannot improve, everyone can, but to do things best possible since start without adding greenwashing terms to it. Less marketing, more doing – we do not need special terms to work transparent and fair.

Fashionable yet timeless

Bag Affair indeed wants to provide practical and fair produced handbags and accessories, though they need to be high quality and fashionable.

All items are designed in a timeless yet stylish way to accompany for many years. Bags and small leather goods as well as all other products are created to fit to multiple styles, yet being fashionable for the longest time possible.