Our Values

the F word

Equality in business & in fashion

Bag Affair is not afraid to say we are feminist loud and clear. The fact that women must search quite long to find a SINGLE bag that carries pens or cards, shows there’s still a long way to go for real equality. We’re here to bridge this gap with practical designs that look good for you, but also good for the environment.
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Graphic showing the origin of materials used for Bag Affair bags

We know with whom we work

the magic happens in France design wise, while making the best of our European neighbours’ best specialties. We work with the highest quality of cork in Portugal. Handcrafting our designs in family size ateliers not far from where the cork trees grow. We select unique metallic accessories from Italy, and everything is brought to Brest where we are based.

Green materials only

Cruelty free is being truely good to the environement in general. Sustainable fashion is to avoid all PVC plasticky materials. By using cork in our collections, we remain mindful of the nature, animals and the planet as a whole.
Originality always

Revolutionizing fashion one Bag Affair at a time

Bag Affair is about offering the best mix of a fashionable yet practical business bag. Therefor we design all our bags ourselves and spend time on design and choice of accessories as handles or zippers. We always look for the best quality while not compromising on style. Our bag designs are unique to offer the perfect business bags to you!

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