Bag Affair is made by business women for business women

Women in the workforce are as strong as ever, however they lack one basic thing, a practical handbag that actually LOOKS GOOD. Since we couldn’t find such a bag, we went ahead and designed it ourselves. It had to carry our work & day belongings, as well as our dreams and career ambitions.
Business bag Savvy on a bar, hold and touched by a model in pink coat
Bossy business bag in gold-natural and brown cork, carried by a women dressed in black and white, walking down stairs in front of the blue sky

Bag Affair makes bags to standout

We do design our bags to be the perfect accessory to every business outfit. We pay a lot of attention to the originality of our designs by using well-choses accessories are for example our walnut-wood handles at the Bossy bag. We want that our bags are an eye catcher to make every business women feel unique and special.

LR Bossies en situation - Bag Affair cork bags work bags business bags day bags women bag sac travail sac femme

Bag Affair recognises individuality. We make fashion practical, ethical and elegant so you can really stand out.

Using cork fabric to make our Bag Affair collection is not a crazy choice, it is the (eco)logical choice! This is the only fabric that perfectly mimics leather in touch, and performs even better than leather in thermal isolation and water protection, perfect for electronics and documents. The natural light weight of cork makes your bags much lighter even when full.

Revolutionizing fashion one Bag Affair at a time

The very foundation of Bag Affair is playing it FAIR. How? We search for only the most durable and ecological materials in France and Europe only limiting our carbon print. We pay our artisans a fair price for their amazing talent. Seasons are not our thing, our collections can, and should be, used all year long. We do not do mass sales, Black Friday, or so on. Bag Affair is an ethical fashion brand from flesh to bone since day one.

Photo in black and white of one of the bag makers of Bag Affair brand

How we started

We both studied economics and quickly worked in leading positions in business. We traveled a lot and never found the right bag to take with us to business meetings or day to day office work. This is how we decided to change things and offer the bags business women really need.


the idea stole our sleep


officially launched


research, designs, ateliers visits

2018 on

conquering the world

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