Bag Affair is made by business women for business women

Women in the workforce are as strong as ever, however they lack one basic thing, a practical handbag that actually LOOKS GOOD. Since we couldn’t find such a bag, we went ahead and designed it ourselves. It had to carry our work & day belongings, as well as our dreams and career ambitions.
Bag Affair
Bag Affair

Bag Affair makes designs to standout

We design our bags to suit any outfit. Timeless designs that combine formal business looks with business casual looks.

With Bag Affair, you have perfect, sustainable and fashionable pieces made to last.

Bag Affair recognises individuality. We make fashion practical, ethical and elegant so you can really stand out.

Using cork fabric to make our Bag Affair collection is not a crazy choice, it is the (eco)logical choice! This is the only fabric that perfectly mimics leather in touch, and performs even better than leather in thermal isolation and water protection, perfect for electronics and documents. The natural light weight of cork makes your bags much lighter even when full.

Revolutionizing fashion one Bag Affair at a time

We are behind the brand: On the left side Ronja Nielsen, founder of Bag Affair. On the right Pollyanna Ford, she joined Bag Affair in 2021 for the management of marketing and communication.

In 2017, the brand was indeed co-founded but the second member left in 2020.

Bag Affair

How we started

Bag Affair was born with the idea of offering business bags to women.

But also to respect animals, the planet and humans. Bag Affair has been running fair and transparent from the start: here are some key dates


company launch


launch of first collection of bags


starting to work with retailers in Europe and USA


Research and development ; Oct: CORKonLINEN patent


Launch of Made in France collection