The Bag Affair blog category includes all topics under ecology as a strategic subject and part of the brand DNA. Being in business to equip working women with accessories to advance their careers is an important social cause. For this mission to be done right, it must also be done with the most sensible methods possible. We aim to grow a business that is aware of its environmental responsibilities. An example is avoiding the impact of conventional business practices in the mass leather industry. These questions led us to put in place guidelines to all our methods; the fabrics we use, everything else we eliminate, such as any synthetic derivatives.

Topics covered in our ecology blog revolve around our planet, dissecting topics such as the myth behind recycling. We also discuss current events such as the 2019 Fashion Pact with our criticism. This sensibility in ecology related topics reflects our sincere efforts in transparency, across all industries, even outside the handbags and luggage sector. Bag Affair is a leader in ethical business fashion, with this position, we have a responsibility to communicate and educate on environmental topics within and outside our domain.


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