Reinventing the whole fashion industry from the bottom up


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You heard already about Paris fashion week, London or Berlin fashion week, but not about the most important of all? – That’s the Fashion Revolution Week!

In 2013, on 24th of April the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapses. Over 1138 persons lost their lives, many more have been injured. What for- for cheap clothes the western world produces in countries where salaries are at its lowest, closing the eyes of what is behind.

In the Rana Plaza building several garment factories produced under non-human conditions and this tragedy highlighted the conditions of what is behind our clothes.

Since this heart-breaking event, each year on 24th of April the organization “Fashion Revolution”, organizes events around the globe to create awareness of where and how our clothes are made. The demand is greater transparency in the full fashion supply chain. They encourage every one of us to ask “who made my clothes” in posting this question to brands using the hashtag #whomademyclothes

There more of us claim transparency and to know where our clothes come from, the more we can reach for change. Use your voice and participate in the fashion revolution! More information and events you can find here: https://www.fashionrevolution.org/