All women know this problem: We feel like we never fit. Maybe we do not fit in a group or society but when it comes to clothes the problem is one we feel directly on our body. There are standard sizes out there and maybe there are brands which you identified as better for you than others. But what we really want is the feeling of custom-made fashion, right? We want to feel good and confident when walking out the door. Success and how you are presenting yourself is impacted by how you dress!

Further (we believe this is the case if you are reading our blog) we want custom-made ethical fashion. Clothes made with a low impact on our planet, made from sustainable resources, treating humans and animals well.

The good news is that you now can find custom-made ethical fashion as new small labels are focussing exactly on this: sustainable clothes with the perfect fit.

We would like to present you 4 labels here which do great fashion for women from casual to business. All of them do not only do custom-made ethical fashion, but all four are as well women-founded businesses. Sounds logical: who could feel better what women need than other women?

C.Bergamia – pants for women with the perfect fit

Did you ever feel strangled by your pants? Or do you have problems when it comes to finding the lengths your legs need? – We guess YES, as our personal experience showed us. Since 1960 women can wear pants, though often they simply do not fit women.

C. Bergamia is the brand you need to discover when it comes to pants for women. The idea of the brand is custom made ethical fashion pants for women.  Pants that really fit, while being made of natural materials as organic cotton and flax, all made in France.

You can choose from different styles between shorts, pants and dungarees as well as from different cuts between straight to wide. Either you go for a 100% custom made pants or you choose a semi-custom solution by selecting style and size and adapting further some measurements to your needs. The brand is creative and you can find the products in stores in France, but as well online. Customer service is great so do not hesitate to contact them directly!

Oh and last but not least: This is a female founded company between mother and daughter, what a great way to create a business.

Les jupons de Louison- the skirt for every woman

If you prefer skirts rather than pants? Maybe you are smaller or bigger than the so called “normal”? You need a certain length or usually you bring your skirts to the tailor to get them shortened? Stop: There is a brand answering your needs.

Les jupons de Louison is a brand doing skirts and dresses, but as well some tops which are made in France according to your morphology and needs.

For the skirts for example start by general length: short, midi or long. Following select a style, colour or print you like. Adapt to your needs and ready- you will feel better in your skirt than ever before. The homepage makes it easy for you to find your measurements and to select your styles- try and you will see.

Most tissues are made in France and all manufacturing is local. The quality is exceptional and for dresses and skirts fully doubled in the material. These are sustainable fashion pieces you will wear for years. The brand is fully transparent about manufacturing, price and the way they work, you can discover more here.

Aatise – the dress which adapts to your body

Fashion made in France where you can participate in the creation process, this is Aatise. The brand offers ready-to-wear as well as customized pieces. The collection includes women and men.

Make it as you need it: If you need a special fit, you can start from scratch making your own design. Select a tissue and a cut and from there on you add your needs in terms of sizes. The result will be pieces which are sustainable and perfectly fitting.

If you want a custom-made dress for example you have the choice between 5 shapes just for the sleeves for example, the choice and possibilities are nearly endless. Take some minutes and check out the pictures and examples to see what you want. You will definitely find something!

All is made in France to have a short way and the materials are sustainable as well, being flax or Viscose EcoVero. The full collection is a mix of essential and timeless styles. You can create your casual our fit as well as perfect business styles for work.

Lolo Paris – the lingerie which fits

What you wear under your clothes is as important as the clothes themselves. The “no-bra” movement includes as well many women who simply never found the right bra. If you wear a bra which fits you will feel supported and beautiful. If this until now was not the case for you, check out Lolo Paris. But even if you have well-fitting underwear and you want something truly ethical, you will find what you need.

They offer 57 sizes for the bras and 10 even for the panties (many normal lingerie brands have maximum 20 bra sizes and 4 for panties). Instead of working with only 2 measures taken to select a bra as it is done by bra fitters all around the globe so far, Lolo Paris works with 6 measures to assure to find the right bra for you. The sustainable and recycled materials are French, Italian, and Spanish and manufacturing is done in Poland- truly European products.

With over 500 women who did participate in answering surveys but as well trying on the prototypes, Lolo Paris today can say with confidence that they will find the right bra for every bosom.

Advantages of custom-made ethical fashion

The biggest advantage of custom-made fashion is of course that it will perfectly fit your body. But further to this it also is extremely sustainable in all terms possible.

With the brand presented the sourcing of material is made of natural fibres or recycled fibres only, using low resources. The manufacturing is in France or Europe and reduces CO2 emission in terms of transport. Further if you wear clothes made for you, which perfectly match your morphology, you will wear them much longer and replace them less often.

The first price to pay is higher than fast fashion but as well as other non-custom-made products. But it is worth it! For you to feel better and for our planet as well.

How to find more custom-made ethical fashion?

These four brands offer already a great choice, though you might want to find a shirt or blazer fitted to your needs. There are many other ethical brands on the fashion market, but most do not yet offer custom-made pieces. When recommending brands to you we are sure that they are truly sustainable as well as making great quality. Check out the label finder of SloWeAre and check for updates in terms of ethical fashion brands offering tailoring. If you know more brands we are happy to hear from you and to add them to this list.

Hoping that you will check out these 4 brands presented and who knows, maybe you will soon be more confident in your custom-made ethical fashion piece when you go to a business meeting or an important business travel!