This blog category covers ethical fashion topics. Starting from definitions of what constitutes ethical fashion. Durable fashion can be identified in terms of product sustainability, or biodegradability of materials. Other ways to define ethical fashion is through transparency in sourcing and production. Another focus of social responsibility is labour protection with humane production conditions and dignified pay. Bag Affair tackles all these angles from the basis of the brand from the ideation phase, all the way to production. We seek to transmit these ethical values through our partner boutiques, suppliers, and even to our customers.

The idea it to reimagine the utility of everyday objects, such as fashion items, or in our case handbags for business. Innovation of use, to promote women’s equality in the workplace with bags just as practical as men’s bags. Innovation in green materials such as cork to deliver the promise of transparency and biodegradability. Design to ensure aesthetics as well as ethics – a mix often hard to unite. Ethical fashion topics in our blog also cover current events in the fashion sector, new trends, as well as honest criticism of greenwashing attempts.


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