Same procedure as every year: On Black Friday following Thanksgiving the retailers want to pull you in their stores making you buy for little money great things. At least this is what they promise. Black Friday did spread around the world during the last year, especially thanks to Amazon.

But same procedure as every year as well: Bag Affair does not participate in Black Friday sales. False promotions pushing to overconsumption does not fit to our values. We believe you should buy less and choose well, but never buy because of a low price.

In this whole system there are more losers than winners. The products are often manufactured under bad conditions for humans, planet and animals, further sold for false promotions making you lose as well. If you buy something for 20 € instead of 60 €, which you did not really need you did not win 40€, you lost 20€!

And now the good news: From year to year there are as well more and more actions against Black Friday. Movements spreading awareness and helping consumers to understand what is really important. We want to present you the 2020 movements here.

Bag Affair is part of the French movement called “make Friday Green again”, but we list following the actions against Black Friday in alphabetical order.

Block Friday

As a movement against the Black Friday and to highlight the damage to the planet due to this overconsumption, in 2019, a movement called “Block Friday” was founded. That day in France, Germany and other countries the activist did block the logistical centres of amazon as well as stores and shopping centres in town. We currently (23.11.2020) do not know if there is a similar movement in 2020.

Buy Nothing Day

The Buy Nothing Day is a protest movement against the Black Friday, protesting each year on the same date against overconsumption. Their marches are non-violent with the goal to educate and remind people that these promotions are not necessary. The movement is active in North America, the UK, Scandinavia and more countries counting activists in over 65 countries today. The movement started in Canada in 1992 and is probably the oldest organized action against Black Friday and consumerism.

Buy nowt Friday

Another alternative against Black Friday is the UK movement “Buy nowt Friday”. Over the last 6 years they did not only inform and assist on Black Friday in the city centre of many towns to explain to the people why not to buy. Their special focus lies on the pushed consumption and pushing people into debts and credits for this. The “nowt” is a mix of the words “now” and “not”, means not now.

For 2020 they offer an online event with many speakers from BBC, Fair4All and more. You can sign up for the event here. (Event in English)

Circular or White Monday

This action comes from Sweden with the goal to lead consumers towards a circular consumption instead of buying more and more. The Circular Monday takes places the Monday before the Black Friday. 2020 the event will be held digital allowing you to follow the speeches and actions here live or as a replay. The White Monday is a movement from Switzerland created in 2017 with the same goals.

Green Friday

The Green Friday is a French association against the Black Friday and with the goal to do something good instead. This movement is reuniting many companies especially of the textile industry pointing on false promotions but also on the bad situations in the textile factories. The list of brands which are members if getting longer every day. They communicate and inform about the importance of reasonable consumption and do not do any discount on Black Friday, but they as well donate. 10% of the turnover of the Black Friday is donated to one of the associations selected by the Green Friday.

Make Friday Green Again

Make Friday Green Again is a movement created in 2019 by the French brand Faguo reuniting over 700 brands. All members engage to communicate during the month of November against over-consumption but as well not to do any discounts for the Black Friday. To donate is not necessary but welcome. Most important is to educate and communicate and showing that there is a real movement against the overconsumption.

Further actions against Black Friday

And the actions against the Back Friday are only the beginning of the holiday season. A bit later (1st December 2020) an alternative global event takes place, the Giving Tuesday. This is a movement based on donations and solidarity. The idea is to donate instead of spending money. Schools, universities, associations and companies take part to collect money for good causes. But pay attention: some of them donate to an association; some just keep the money for their own “good” cause.

We hope you discovered some interesting projects. Do not hesitate to visit their pages and learn more!

The most important for the end: Do only buy what you need, do not buy based on prices. And of course enjoy the end of the year!