You all might know linen as a traditional plant, also called flax. It is a natural fibre out of which tissues are made, especially for clothing and bed linen.

But linen is so much more and here we want to present you the real innovations of linen with 4 exceptional brands. The goal: To show you that this amazing plant can be so much more than you think. And of course we invite you to check out these brands, so that you can buy one of these LIN’novations.

The traditional linen

France is not only the biggest producer of linen worldwide but historically always has been. This plant grows perfectly in the  Normandy region and the north of France.

The linen plant needs only 100 days to grow. Blossoming in June for only one day each the flowers close afterwards to little capsules. In these capsules you find the seeds.

The seeds are used either to plant new flax for the upcoming year or pressed for very healthy, but in terms of taste very intense oil. Of course you can eat the seeds themselves as well.

The plant is used for the fibres, to comb them and to spin them into threads. With these, all different kind of tissues are made.

Until here it all sounds as you have heard about it before- but linen can do so much more.

The innovations of linen

Over the last years, humans have used more and more plastic (or similar structures out of raw oil), we have imported rather than produce in Europe and we always believed that innovations need to have some electronical part and some digital component in them. Well, we have been wrong.

The brands we want to present to you here all made something unique out of the same plant. Real innovations and incredible products which need to be known better. They are listed in inverse  alphabetical order.

Mon gobelet en lin

The fact that single use plastic cups are banned from festivals, barbecue parties and other events has been long overdue. But for now often the alternative is still plastics: not as single use but still.

The good news: There are innovations of linen which are real game changers. Mon gobelet en lin is a French start-up making cups out of linen.

The cups are made of linen fibres and PLA which is a bio-plastic. This means that the product is 100% natural and compostable, still very light-weight. Bio-plastic can degrade without harming nature. Often the fruit bags you now get in supermarkets are out of the same material using corn as base.

The cups are made in France, natural and compostable yet made to last. They are perfect for all kinds of events and even from a small quantity,  you can personalise them with your logo or any other writing.

If you just want to replace your cups for the next picnic or as a creative and unique gift, visit their shop here.


Now let’s take the linen a bit further: How about having the seeds transformed into food which actually tastes really good?

That is what LIN-LOV offers to you. They make spreads for your bread or as well to use when cooking. The positive aspects of linen are kept: a high rate of Omega 3, highest nutritional values and all natural. But no bitter taste anymore, only pleasure.

They use the full seeds, so their products are as well zero waste. Delivered in glass containers and a sustainable packaging their work is absolutely sustainable.

Today you can find sweet and savoury versions in their range. You will find something for every taste – from pure linen one over more classical ones with cocoa to savoury tastes with spices or zucchini.  You can buy your favourite one here.

If you need inspiration on how to use them and how to cook with them, check out the homepage as well as you can find many recipes.

Please note: 5 of 6 are vegan, there is one of them not vegan as it contains honey.



Cosmetics that take care of your skin with ORGANIC linen. Stéphanie Gastaldin, founder of Linaé, comes from a family that has been cultivating flax in France since 1920.

The products are made in France and certified Origine France Garantie. The treatments are natural and tested without endocrine disrupting effects of estrogenic type.

Their innovation with linen: use linseed oil rich in Omega 3 and 6 to nourish your skin and linseed mucilage to hydrate your face.

These two ingredients come from flax seeds and are just perfect for making your face glow.

In addition, the brand offers textile accessories with linen such as washable make-up removing squares.

The products are clinically tested and respect the One Voice charter against animal exploitation.

Linaé favors FSC-certified packaging, glass packaging and zero waste accessories. These cosmetics are not only effective, but truly sustainable in their overall approach.

To check out their full line and all of these amazing products with flax, check out their website here.

Note: Linaé is not a vegan brand because they use an ingredient from beeswax in some of the products. Vegan people can still use SOOTHING RADIANCE-ACTIVATOR MICELLAR WATER and COMFORTANT MAKE-UP REMOVERING METAMORPHOSIS OIL.


We will finish with our own innovation. CORKonLINEN is the new fabric of Bag Affair out of which we are making our Made in France collection, and in the future all our products. This new material combines French linen and Portuguese cork. The textile is made in Portugal.

A thin layer of cork (4-5 mm) is glued on a tissue of linen which comes from the north of France. After heating and pressure the textile is sanded by hand 3 times. This tissue is patented and unique, able to replace leather and PVC in the sector of bags and shoes. The tissue is resistant yet compostable.

We love innovations from linen

As you can see, linen is so much more than just a plant, or just a fibre for clothes. True innovations from linen are possible and offer a great variety. No need anymore to search far away for innovations, no need to insert technology in the products.

There is of course development and a technology behind all these products but we hope you saw how amazing natural products can be.

We hope you now will check them all out, or even better, try some, speak about them and share these amazing innovations!

Thanks a lot to Linaé, LIN-LOV and Mon gobelet en lin for their trust and sharing all information with us !

Innovations of linen