In every working woman’s bag there needs to be the things you constantly use, which will be come your essentials for the everyday life. When you are out again for another busy day, or a work trip you cannot live without these items. Chose the look of the day and chose your business bag- and if possible know already what essentials to put in there to head off fast.

For today’s hardworking and ambitious women, choosing the right work bag was for a long time a real challenge. Since Bag Affair launched the business bag collection, you find your bag easily. Now you only need to know what to put in the bag.  

Our list of 16 items every working woman’s bag must have:

Electronical devices

In the 21st century we all need our electronic devices to be mobile, to be reachable and to work for any place. We guess you carry your phone anyway with you, but there are more things to carry along.

1- Your laptop charger

Your bag is your office on the move. Organised, tidy, spacious, and of course reflects your style and personality. Every business bag for women must comfortably carry her laptop, but as well the charger and basic electronics. Don’t go without as otherwise your work day might end earlier than planned.

2- USB drive

Whenever you have a presentation or not, you should always take a USB drive with you – just in case. An easy work accessory to have your documents safely backed up, or to easily and quickly hand out your business portfolio to clients, press, etc. USB’s are an interesting accessory to also make an impression. For Bag Affair, we chose a French company to make our own personalized USB’s from walnut wood, just like our Bossy wood handle. Gets the brand message across nicely ! 

3- Earphones

On a train ride or a work trip, you can use your earphones to listen to audiobooks, or interesting Ted talks, or answer phone calls while your hands are free to take notes or hail a cab !

4- Portable battery charger

As indispensable as your makeup. Yes, we can’t imagine how we ever lived before Google, but when you’re running late for a meeting, this portable battery charger is a life saver to find the right directions on google maps! Here are some tips about batteries, use, recycling and ethical practices

All-time carry-ons

No matter what bag you will take with you, there are always these things you need to have with you. You know the thought leaving your house: “Phone, keys, wallet” – like to remind yourself what not to forget? Even in a business bag you need these essentials with you.

5- Keys

Scouring for keys at least 3 times a day, fishing for them at the bottom of the bag, where there’s no light outside to see through the mess? Yeah, we’ve all been there! It’s the very reason the interiors of Bag Affair bags are designed to save working women precious time, find their belongings easily -, while maintaining a classy and professional image.

6- Wallet

You need your wallet on you at all times. Stay tuned for our upcoming wallet designs for 2020. Compact, feminine and ultra-practical. We know you always need your wallet, so finding the right size, width, capacity for your cash notes, cheques, receipts, change, cards, is super important. A wallet should also not use too much space in your handbag, but still carry your important necessities – stay tuned!

7- Breath freshener

A busy day out for work, travel, lunch, dinner meetings – it’s always good to have mint (or any flavour) fresheners handy. Bad breath is just a turn off, and not just in business!

8- Tissue

For you, or for your colleague who always forgets her things, a tissue pack is handy for just about anything. One packed without plastic will be even more perfect!

9- Reusable Water Bottle

Stay well hydrated, to stay in shape and conquer your work day, meet all your objectives while remaining healthy. We don’t drink enough water during the day, so it’d be good to have a reusable non-plastic bottle always at hand, fitting into every bag to remember that water is just as important as coffee!

Write it down

Even though we live in a digital world now and we always have our smartphone close to us, keep in mind that notes in a meeting need a pen and paper. Or imagine the moment someone asks you for information to pass on written- easier to give a small paper than leaving your phone, right?

10- Pens

Guess what? Women at work use pens too! Not simple PINK pens, but just PENS. Most importantly, women need a place to hang their pens in their work bags – all their bags! Such details are not forgotten in our business collection.

11- Notebook & agenda

A notebook compact, practical, nicely designed for your personal notes, but also for work? We’ve got just the thing for you! Matabooks from Germany makes grass hay notepads, an alternative to tree-cut paper! When creativity meets ecology, wonderful things can happen.

12- Business card holder

Of course, a business card holder for your cards, a place in the bag to tuck it in nicely. But also think about all the business cards that you collect from your business meetings or networking evening? Well you have a place for that too, to keep cards separated and tidy.

The feminine needs in a handbag

Last but not least there are items our male colleagues will never think about, but you should when packing your business bag. The small items making the day more fluid, the items you might need to save you in some situations- you know what we are talking about.

13- Spare stockings

Our own tip from experience, those stockings always need backup! You never know if just before your important meeting a piece of stocking gets ripped! In our business bags there are compact pockets made to keep such intimate items away from view!

14- Intimate necessities

In those same side pockets you can keep your “secret” intimate belongings away from view, never falling out while reaching for your wallet! Some things are better kept out of reach.

15- Makeup basics

Yes, you need that face on point, but also don’t get too carried away J You don’t need to carry that hefty Jeffery star x Shane Dawson palette with you everywhere you go (or do you!), but basic travel size make up for the lady on the go which can fit in any work bag, is always good to have to freshen up your look.

16- Zipped wristlets

Oh these are indispensable! A zipped wristlet for your make-up, another for your toiletries, or another one for your emergency pack like band-aids, safety pins or spare thread and needle. You never know if a button falls off or a wardrobe malfunction happens! So never go on a work trip under prepared!

Looking at this list you see that this is only the beginning, for sure you have more items in mind and further ideas what you need. And this is why we created Bag Affair- we are tired of seeing business women with a handbag and a business bag, with two bags just because they did not find a suitable solution for them. We want equality at the workplace and this comes also with the right tools and items to help you through the day – Bag Affair is more than bags, we make business bags for women to carry their dreams!