Valentine’s Day is upon us – again ! With the same commercial mania of imposed methods of expressing love, the cliché box of chocolates and roses. We thought we’d cook up an original Valentine’s Day gifts to empower your lady and express your love in a more meaningful and impactful way !

An ethical business fashion wardrobe ideas

Your feminist loved one will absolutely love the gesture that you selected a gift that not only looks good, but is also fashionable for her look as a working woman. Finding the right work outfit, that’s comfortable, looks elegant, and ethically made, is really not an easy task. Yet, with our Valentine’s Day list, you’re in luck. Here are a few brands specialising in business wear that can be perfect for a thoughtful Valentine’s day gift.


Created by Caroline Zalesky, the Atode business wear collections are designed by her and made in France using cold wool fabrics, traditionally used for men clothing, now used in her dresses collections. Very feminine yet with a serious flowy feel, the styles are unique, timeless to wear all year long.


A young brand by Aude Schaeffer, Muudana pays homage to traditional Peruvian textiles and weaving. The collections include ornate jackets that can be nicely worn for an original look for meetings or networking events. Other items include more informal bohemian style looks, yet all using eco-sourced fibres, while supporting local artisanal handcraft in Peru and Cambodia – a perfect chic & exotic touch for your Valentine’s Day date.

Jules & Jenn

Ethically made shoes, created by Julien and Jennifer with the motivation of changing consumption habits to more sustainable alternatives. The shoes by Jules & Jenn are of great quality, original colours with designs for both men and women.


Minimalist tops 100% linen from Kipluzet is an original gift you can give to your lady that reflects taste and great choice. Created by Anne-Séverine to tailor make tops fitting different morphologies with iconic colours in limited editions, blue, natural, red, orange, yellow and white.

Bag Affair

We recommend our Sassy Brown business bag, which goes marvelously with all, or any, different business outfit. Your lady will love the compact laptop bag that she can also easily travel with for her business travels. Ornated with Italian brass lock, subtle gold cork textures, the unique look while carrying Sassy will surely turn heads around !

Natural cosmetics to lighten up her face

Instead of buying a perfume or just a make-up palette, think further and go for a natural, vegan and sustainable alternative. No matter if a cream, or soap or a lip stick- all kind of cosmetics bring pleasure to your girl.


A cosmetic brand, which you should make her discover, especially if she loves Brittany in France. Nominoë is 100% made in Brittany and inspired by the region. The cosmetics have a small number of ingredients, all fully natural, but have a high effect on the skin and body. For example the facial scrub will have a relaxing effect on the skin to assure her face to feel better after a long work day.


This German brand is not only vegan and non-tested on animals, but offers as well a huge range of beautiful colours from lip stick to eye shadow. No matter if you go for the range of eyes, lips or face – you will always chose right.


ZAO is a brand 100% made in France with a unique system to refill the cosmetic. All comes in bamboo packaging and only the cosmetic itself needs to be refilled, once empty. This concept reduces packaging to a minimum and at the same time gives a classy look to the products from lip stick to eyeliner.

Terre de Mars

Terre de Mars specializes in exfoliates, made in France from coffee grounds – the spirit is not have high quality products from basic materials. Their formulas are innovative while assuring a refreshing effect to face and body. The products are perfect to give yourself a treat – or in this case for your woman to do so. Just an idea: combine this gift with a high quality, Fairtrade coffee. 

BE Cosmetics

Cold extracted soap in best quality and made in Brittany, close to Bag Affair. BE cosmetics offers soap blocks in endless natural combinations of treats and smells. Especially if your beloved one wanted to reduce plastic consumption in 2020, these soaps will put a smile on her face. They are soft to the skin and can be used to replace traditional soaps in the shower.

Time-out with a good book

If fashion and cosmetics are still to classical as a valentines gift for you, how about giving a “time out”, some time for herself, some time to relax, some time to read? Pick a good book for her and offer this with a voucher for some free time. Here a selection of timeless literary classics to inspire the feminist fire – available languages indicated.

Bossy pants, Tina Fey

The book from Tina Fey got translated in several languages as well as it sold over 2.5 million times, it is for a good reason. It is an inspiring book, showing how a woman will make her dreams come true. Written in a biographical style, Tina Fey explains how her dream of becoming a TV comedian came true, what did get her there and how to fight for your dreams.

Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso

This is already an old but gold one- the book of Sophie Amoruso shows how she created from an idea of reselling vintage and second hand clothes on ebay, a real and well working company. The way she just starts something, without a business plan, without knowing how to manage it, just starting, is an inspiring story of a woman just going for her dreams. The only risk you take here is that your friend did actually already read this book or watched the (not great) Netflix series.

Lean in, Sheryl Sandberg

You might have heard of her, or you might have seen her on a cover of Forbes, Sheryl Sandberg is today one of the most influent business women in the world. And you might like it or not that she works for Facebook, but you cannot argue about her success, about the way she made and how she made it- and this is what this book is about. It is THE must-read for any business woman. So in case your girlfriend or wife did not read it yet, this is even not a Valentin’s gift anymore but you should get it for her immediately.

No Valentine’s day gift at all – right!

Even though we love each and every product which we presented to you here, how about no gift at all? How about not celebrating Valentine’s day, but actually celebrating your love every day of the year?

No, don’t misunderstand, if you love to spend the 14th of February in crowded restaurants or stress to find the right gift, go for it. But if you truly love your woman you need to show this every day.

Support her in her career – take over some of her tasks for example, or show her that it is ok to be tired at the end of a day. Give her your attention as often as you can, listen to her and you will see that this is worth so much more than a gift once a year.

And you can still offer gifts- any moment of the year, any day or at any occasion. Plus there is her birthday (without knowing you or her, we are pretty sure there is) use our list of gifts for this day. Yeah, pretty cool, right, now you already have the full list of gift ideas long time ahead 🙂

What every women needs, no matter if business woman or not, no matter if girlfriend or wife, mother or sister – they need support. Being a woman is not always easy and most of the times they only want you to listen and to be there.

Material gifts are not important, not for Valentin’s, not for mother’s day – When was the last time you just spent a great day with the women you love? On you to play, but we hope you got some inspirations!