Cork as incredible material

Vegan and sustainable, cork is coming from the bark of the oak tree. The material is harvested every 9 years by cutting off the bark. The tree is never cut down and can still absorb carbon.

The bark is boiled following to assure there won’t be fungus or bacteria left on it. As the tree is never watered and no pesticides and fertilizer is used, this is an important step. Stored to try, the bark is afterwards cut in thin slides to make textile of it. Glued on cotton the thin layers add the natural touch to our bags.

Wine, isolation and space ships

But the material is much more versatile. You know the wine stoppers made of it as well as the pin walls and maybe the isolation. But did you know that granulate is used in space shuttles as well? Light and perfectly isolation this material is just incredible and this is why we love working with it!


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