We use cork fabrics for all our Bag Affair collections and accessories. From the first day of our idea to create practical business bags for women at work. We knew we wanted materials that do not harm the environment or animals. We immediately eliminated all synthetic materials and any form of plastics. The only other alternative was to use leather, but after learning about the opacity of its sourcing, production and effects on water, we needed to look for other more sustainable and vegan alternatives. With this active research we stumbled on cork, and we flew to Portugal to learn more about the cork forestry. It was love at first sight – with the trees, with the cork fabric, with the production methods, everything!

In this part of our Bag Affair blog, we share with you all we learned about cork, the industrialisation of this magical fabric, and how our handbags are made. We filmed the summer harvest season, to visualise the process from the tree all the way to your Bag Affair bag. The videos show the trained skills of farmers, as well as the textile transformation process in our partner factories.


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