Cork stoppers – the bestseller of cork

As you know our bags are made of cork textile. But the cork oak delivers mainly cork for different industries as for your wine bottle.

Cork stoppers are the most prominent products of cork. Barely anyone does not know them as they close so many wine or champagne bottles around the world. More than 70% of wine producers chose cork stoppers to close their bottles, which makes over 12 billion bottles. Already in ancient Egypt, amphoraes have been closed with cork.

The reason for these records is the unique natural properties of cork, which makes these stoppers better than anything else.

  • Cork is super light and contains around 90% of air
  • Cork is flexible and elastic and won’t break
  • Cork is compressible and will always regain its original shape (this is why champagne bottles make the unique sound when opening)
  • Waterproof to liquid – which is quite important to keep the wine in the bottle
  • Impervious to gases which ensure high resistance to moisture

7 of 10 wine bottles are each year closed with cork stoppers and 90% of consumers in average worldwide associate cork stoppers with quality.

Last but not least: Cork is natural and the most environmentally friendly way to close a bottle. Plastic closures for example cause ten-times more CO2 emission when produced than cork and aluminium even 24-time more. The cork oak has a positive impact on CO2 absorbing it throughout the life of the tree. And keep in mind that the trees are never cut- only the bark is harvested.

PricewaterhouseCoopers/Ecobilan  published a study in 2008 about the environmental impact of cork versus aluminium or plastic closures. No surprise: the winner is cork!

And just to add: if you have heard something negative about cork stoppers as for example that there is not enough cork to cover the demand or that the “corked” wine will come from cork stoppers etc. – just think about lobbying sharing false information and do not forget that there is a business behind all industries.