“Do I need a passport cover?” might be one of the questions you are asking yourself when preparing your next travel or planning holidays – Or the moment when you receive your new passport, all fresh and clean. A passport holder is more than protection, more than a fashionable accessory; it can even become a full passport wallet.

We want to help you chose and tell you why you need a passport cover!

What is a passport cover?

Before going further you should understand what a so-called passport holder or passport cover is. It is a sleeve to protect your travel passport. It is a cover to keep it safe and protected from dust and tear. Many different offers exist on the market from sleeves to wallets, made of leather, PVC or in our case, cork.

Advantages of a passport cover

So in short these are the advantages you will have when using a cover for your passport:

  • Protect from getting dirty and wear and tear
  • Keeping all your travel documents handy in one place
  • Can look super fashionable and be a highlight in your travel outfit
  • Help you passing controls fast and easy: scanning the boarding pass and showing passport in one – this is so clever!

A passport wallet – the all-rounder

When you chose well the wallet or sleeve to cover your passport it can become a full passport wallet. A wallet you can use for travel. For example: You travel every month for some days to a country, let’s say the United States. You need your passport of course to get through customs. But you might each time stay in the same hotel and need you clients card. And as you need to have US-Dollar with you, you always have some cash left over which you carry back and forth. Last but not least, you should have a copy of your ESTA Visa with you. And of course there might be more like special credit cards from your company.

All these items you need to carry each time with you when travelling for business. No matter if businessmen or businesswomen, we all need these. So have about the perfect passport cover which is a wallet at the same time? You can simply leave all cards, passport and documents inside from one travel till the next one: all easy and safe in one place.

Check out the Bag Affair passport covers

Speaking about a passport wallet, an all-in-one solution, a fashionable item which protects your goods: This is what Bag Affair designed for you! The perfect passport covers for women and men!

You can find the black-marine one here and the gold- green one here.

The passport covers do allow integrating the following:

  • Your passport of course
  • Boarding pass
  • Credit cards or other cards in same format
  • Cash, banknotes
  • Papers

So all you need for your next holiday or business travel fits in the passport wallet!

The black passport cover

The passport cover in black and marine-blue is made of soft cork with a matt finishing. This does not only look sleek, but is as well perfectly matching business travel. The black cover makes it easy to match for men and women to any outfit and look. Also to offer it as a gift it is a no-risk item to buy.

The gold passport cover

An alternative to the black-marine colour is the sleeve in natural-gold cork matched with green inside. This variant is more feminine and an eye-catcher. An advantage might be to find it easier in your handbag, but as we guess you use a Bag Affair laptop bag for business, you have enough pockets to organise either one. 😉

Cork passport cover

The passport covers you can buy here are made of natural and vegan cork. Bag Affair works with cork, as it shows a much better alternative to leather or PVC, you can find out more here. Cork is very lightweight and at the same time strong and resistant. This makes it the perfect material for a travel accessory. The cover will assure to keep all safe together while not adding additional weight to your luggage.

So this means as well that these are vegan bags, which Bag Affair offers! Sustainable fashion which is made to last!

The perfect gift for men and women

We believe you now want to order your passport cover and you definitely should. But think about upcoming birthdays and invitations. Who could like it as well? Who of friends and family travels a lot?

A cork passport cover is not only sustainable but as well practical and that for the perfect gift for everybody!

If your friend, partner or beloved one already has the passport cover, in that case check out here all accessories Bag Affair offers and we are sure you can find something else which creates at least the same pleasure!