Today is the international blog day – so let’s write….

Let’s start – sometimes more difficult than it sounds like

Ok let’s be honest to write and to blog is not always easy. This is actually why we do not post too regularly. Blogging takes a lot of time and creativity and we are more than admiring bloggers who do this full time. We sometimes do not have the right ideas or simply the time to write. But if we write we want that the topics are interesting for you.

For the day of the blog we decided not to write but to share with you our favourite blogs we read regularly:

Style with a smile – the vegan fashion and travel blog

Languages: English, Spanish and Hebrew

We met a girl with an amazing energy and positive spirit at the Neonyt show 2019- Noa. She is Israeli and travelling the whole world to show that fashion can be stylish without being cruel. Being vegan and only writes about vegan ethical fashion with a special eye on innovations and sustainable products. She has the absolute style in all her outfits and her positive energy can be felt through her writing. Not only she writes for her own blog but cooperates with most big fashion journals like Vogue, Cosmopolitan or Eluxe. She brings in the vegan side of fashion and shows her followers in a gracious way of beautiful it can look.

PS: If you want to read on her discoveries of the Neonyt show, click here:

Business of Fashion – Fashion and market trends

Languages: English and Chinese

Business of Fashion might be more of interest if you are a fashion professional. But if you really want to look deeply in the industry and to see what is going on you should take a look as well. This is the perfect page mixing new trends and product launches with news around the industry, trends of social media or again brand development.

What we like is that you can easily get a deeper insight of what goes on behind the scenes. Use the keyword search and type your favourite brands or listen to their podast- there is a lot to discover.

LUXIDERS –fashion for men and women mixed with the right spirit of sustainablilty

Languages: Englisch, German and Spanish

Luxiders is a journal about sustainable fashion stories. They do a print version as well but already on their homepage you can discover much about the fashion industry, trends and new products but as well ready about lifestyle and culture.

How about creating your first sustainable capsule wardrobe for example? – Here a beginners guide:

If you want rather find an idea of what do buy or what is out there check out their shopping guide. You will find ideas for men, women and kids. But be careful- once on their homepage you might take some hours reading.

Happy new green – a conscious fashion blog

Language: French

Manon the girl behind this blog comes from Lyon and we had the chance to meet her during the fashion revolution week 2019. She created this blog as she decided to look behind the scenes, ask herself where and how clothes are made and to change her way of living. No more fast fashion produced under non-human conditions but a sustainable way to create your wardrobe. Step by step the topics went wider and today you find on her blog as well food and beauty, you can discover local producers and small labels.

And if you are looking for sustainable brands, check out her brand list- you will be surprised of the number of labels out there doing a sustainable job: