Can I change my shipping address after placing the order?

Please note that we do our very best to ship orders the same day. This for you cannot change your shipment address online. Please write us an email to hello@bag-affair.com with the initial address used as well the new address. We will do our very best to redirect the parcel but cannot be held liable if it is not possible or has caused delays.

How long shipment will take?

This depends on where you are. In France shipments often takes only two days, in Europe around 4 working days. Please check our Delivery Terms for more details.

I am living outside of the Euro-Zone- can I pay in a different currency?

The easiest way to pay in different currencies is with PayPal. However, please note that the Euro price is invoiced and extra fees due to currency exchange rates are to be paid by you.

Is there an order tracking?

We will provide you with an order tracking by email around 24 hours after the shipment has been made.

What to do if I want to return an item?

Please read our return policy and use as well the Return Form you will find to download. In case of further questions please email us.

How to contact the customer service?

You can contact us via the contact form or email us to hello@bag-affair.com. We are happy to hear from you!
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How do I clean my bag?

Cork is natural and very easy to clean. See the next section below for information on how to take care of your Bag Affair business bags.

What is the lifespan of the bag?

This question depends as always on the way you use your bag. We make high quality business bags made to last. If you treat it well and clean it from time to time, you will have your business bag with you for many years or decades.

How much do the bags weight?

This depends on the model, you will find detailed information under each model. Cork is naturally very light and even our biggest bag Bossy weighs only 1.1 kg

Do they fit for hand luggage?

The size depends on your airline. We never had any problems traveling with Bag Affair bags. RTFACT Brands cannot be held liable for airline restrictions. Please check the dimensions under each model in their description and verify with the airline guidelines of the company you travel with most of the times.

Where are the bags made?

Our bags are made in Portugal in a family size atelier. The designs and purchase of all materials is done by us in France. We select high quality cork material from Portugal, where it is also cut and sewed according to our designs.

For more information on how our business bags are made, click here.


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What is cork material made of?

Cork fabric is simply made of cork. The bark of cork oak trees - the same cork with which your wine stoppers are made. The bark is stripped from the trees, treated with hot water and flattened. Following the cork is cut in thin slides and transferred on a base of cotton. Colouring is natural and without any harm for nature or human.

Is cork waterproof?

YES - cork is naturally waterproof. As your wine stoppers keep the wine in the bottle, the cork textile has the same waterproof characteristics.

How resistant is cork?

Cork is super resistant and won’t break or dry out. Cork does not need any special treatment compared to leather which you need to treat with oil from time to time. Cork will get a bit softer by time but can without any problem carry heavily.

What is “cork and fennel”?

Cork and fennel is a material mix of both. The upper part of fennel which usually is waste of agricultural production is dried and cut into slides and together with cork granulate which is waste of cork stopper production glued with resin on a cotton base. All colouring is made with a natural colour without harm for nature or humans.

Is there a certification on the material?

We are PETA vegan approved but further there is no certification today. The cork industry and forests in Portugal are protected and part of their heritage since hundreds of years, nevertheless the cork textile industry is very young and not regulated under a certain law. To assure best quality we visit all our partners regularly and are as transparent towards you as possible via pictures and videos.

What is the aging process of cork? – How it will look in some years?

It will look great! Cork ages very well, gets a bit softer and more flexible but keeps the shape, does not break or tear. Your bag will look the same- maybe needs some easy cleaning but will still be at your side.

You can download our Bag Affair maintenance flyer for more information on how to take care of your business bag


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RTFACT BRANDS SAS is the owning company of the brand Bag Affair. RTFACT has been founded by Ronja and Taiseer, with their initials in the company name, and stands for the Latin word “artefact” meaning made with art.

What does PETA vegan approved mean?

PETA vegan approved is a label the company RTfact and all products offered are embraced in. This label is an official approval that the products are vegan and without any material of animal origin. Means we do not use leather, neither wool nor any other material from animals.
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