Whenever you get dressed, when you look in the mirror or when you see reactions from others you will link feelings to your clothes. The emotions you have towards fashion can be positive but as well negative. It is important to realize why and how you feel to better organize your wardrobe towards a happy style. With this blog we present a list of emotions and feelings linked to fashion. We hope they allow you to get to know yourself better, but as well your clothes.

Negative feelings

Let’s start with negative feeling about your clothes. Following we will look on the bright site. Fashion has the task to dress yourself, to keep you warm, but also to represent you in the public. Fashion is part of each and every day, but often we feel uncertain and need a little help.


Uncertainty is a feeling either as you do not know what to wear or how to wear it, either linked to mixed feelings about what others think.

What to wear to be seen, but neither to get attention as you look like out of space. You might not know what to match and how to combine things. A basic rule: If you have a flashy colour, a big jewel or a printed piece, combine with sober pieces to balance.

How do I look for others? Perception and uncertainty what others think is a common problem of women. Being afraid to get judged, a negative comment or people talking behind your back is what creates this. Keep in mind that you have come far- who you are and what you have reached. Maybe you have a “confidence pieces” of clothes- chose this one for important days.

Uncertainty can be very punctual as well for special occasions. This can be an important meeting, a conference to talk at, a reward to receive, or an interview for a new job. Many occasions are only coming up from time to time and can destabilize you. Prepare upfront for these events and either find clothes in your wardrobe which fit or allow yourself to buy a special piece for the special occasion. Chose quality and an ethical piece which you can wear afterwards as well and you will see that your uncertainty will be lowered.


Clothes and fashion can lead to feelings like shame, maybe because you think they are less valuable compared to people around you, maybe because you did wear them once and you got the wrong kind of attention.

Shame is a feeling which will lead to yourself making you smaller than you are. Maybe you believe that the things you wear are “out of fashion”, maybe you feel like wearing “always the same”. Keep in mind that fashion is not seasonal if you chose timeless pieces. Create a capsule wardrobe and you can wear them again and again.

But the feeling of shame might also exist as you did wear the dress or top before and you got much too much attention. Maybe even too many attempts of masculine colleagues around. Here is only two choices: You match the piece differently and change the look to feel better or donate or swap the piece. Assure that you will eliminate the feeling of shame.


Clothes can make you angry. Fashion even makes us angry from time to time. The feeling of manipulation, of society giving to much opinion or pushing to more consumption can be very upsetting.

But anger aside, remember wearing the comfort of your comfortable sweater, your favourite dress during summer or the scarf in winter. Fashion should never be led by anger- so do you best to overcome it fast!


You maybe would like to have the same piece of clothes as someone around you, but you cannot afford it. Maybe you still wear second-hand fashion from a family member instead? Maybe you feel like everyone else has better clothes than yourself. Also here, focus on your favourite clothes and look out for your confidence piece. (more below)


The feeling of frustration can come when dressing up as well as during shopping. You have maybe a morphology which is less easy to dress of (in your opinion), maybe you feel uncomfortable showing parts of your body – whatever it is frustration can show up.

To dress can be a hazard if you are not sure what to wear and how. You can find precious help with a relooking course where you learn what your morphology is and what colours to wear best. A real booster of motivation and worth trying.

Positive Feelings

Ok, enough negativity, think positive! To rock your business day or even just to walk through the streets, we need positivity and reassurance. Clothes can help towards this. The following feelings show how to remind you of them or how to even grow them.


In the same way as fashion can create uncertainty, it creates confidence as emotions. Did you ever sign a big contract in a special outfit? Is there a dress in which you feel more comfortable than in others? Do you have the perfect handbag you simply take every day? These are your “confidence pieces” which you should take for days you feel less powerful, less motivates or less confident. Boost your confidence like this or get up in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you look great. Sounds weird, but after some trials you will get really good at it. You start the day with a smile and even more confidence!


Fashion is made for happiness and positive emotions. Clothes are nothing until you make a style out of them.

How you wear things, what you combine and match, this is what makes the difference. Find the clothes which make you feel good. Maybe a friend can help you to find them, maybe tidy up your wardrobe and find the pieces you really like.

When you like what you wear you will be more confident, forget negative feelings and walk through the day the head high.

Chose sustainable fashion which looks good and you can be assured that you did good in buying it and look good in wearing it. Spread happiness during the day with a big smile on your face!

Keep in mind that whatever feeling you have towards your wardrobe and what your emotions towards fashion are, try to move step by step to a positive attitude. Replace clothes which make you feel bad by new pieces bringing confidence. But most importantly keep in mind that you are the one associating these feelings. Most times the people around you will not see your little default, will not know that you did wear this before, won’t realize things. If you gain confidence you will see that everything else is not important anymore!