Going to work often requires a business outfit but as well accessories which fit to it. The easiest if you already know in the morning what to choose with which outfits. A business accessory which is well selected can be a real all-rounder though highlights of your look.

The word accessory originates from the Latin word “accedere” which means “to add”. But well-chosen business accessories are more than just an add-on to your clothes. Accessories tell a story, make the look complete and can even be sign for achievements and positions. With this blog article we want to help you on what to select and what better to avoid- making your routine in the morning easier.


Watch out for the right watch to wear. A watch is firstly made to show what time it is. Select a design which allows to really seeing the clock face and the hand.

The design follows secondly, or as designers call it “form follows function”. First of all a watch is a tool, secondly an accessory for the look.  Even if before the 20 century it most of the times have been women wearing watches around the wrist only for decorative purpose.

When selecting a watch you should buy a quality piece. Not only that this will be seen easily if it is a fake brand for example, but keep in mind as well that you will wear possibly the watch for many years. Select quality for good functioning and long lasting. Swiss watches are still the most known but you can find as well great watches made in Germany or France.

Select the colour according to your skin and the dominating jewellery colours you wear. You prefer gold, so go for it; you are rather the silver type, ok as well. Just try to match the watch.

Pay attention to the strap as well. Either a classical strap of leather or fake leather, or a metal strap- the importance should be quality and comfort. You will wear the watch each and every day, so assure you will be comfortable with it.

Last but not least select a size which suits your wrist. Over-sized watches will look imposing. Better to go for a watch which will be easy to read, though not too big.


Wearing a business pants or a dress on which you want to highlight your waistline, belts are a typical and as well functional accessory for business looks. You need belts in different shades and sizes depending of usage but what is important is the quality. Nothing worth than wearing a belt which looks used.

Select a belt which fits in colours to the outfit, means black pants which black belt. Blue pants with a blue belt- always match the colours when wearing pants as here the belt is only a practical accessory.

When wearing a dress to add a belt to highlight your waistline can be of interest. Here you can be more creative in terms of colours. Select colours which still match, but allow some shiny effects or some structure in the belt.

What is important for both cases: Big buckles are for cowboys. Select buckles which look classy but which are neither huge, nor shiny, nor in a special shape. Same as for watches form follows function- first of all select a good closure and not just design.


In winter to keep you warm or during summer to add some colours, a scarf can be a very effective business accessory. Plus a scarf is super easy to add on an outfit but as well to take off in some seconds.

A scarf can be worn around the neck, over the shoulders, wider or shorter- this accessory is so versatile. Big or small, of linen, cotton or silk, a scarf is always a nice piece to complete your look. You are free to choose what you want just one basic rule: Your outfit is kept in colours without prints, take a printed and colourful scarf. But if you wear already a printed dress better select a scarf in one colour to harmonize. Always choose the opposite of your outfit to assure the look not being too busy.

Business bag

Not just for business but also during every other day, a woman needs a handbag. A business bag needs even more thoughts as it is also your mobile office. Select a bag in which you can carry all you need during the day.

The possibility to carry the bag in multiple ways is important to assure comfort. The bag will be heavy and you need to assure that the handbag will not be a burden.

In terms of colours you need a bag which fits your work outfits. Colours like black and marine blue are easy to match, but as well neutral colours as beige go well with everything. The bag can be a highlight of the look, but first of all is a practical piece. The handle, the metal pieces etc., all should be highest quality possible. This is where you can see if a bag will last over time. This is the reason why at Bag Affair all materials are made in Europe.


Jewellery is the only accessory with truly only adds to the look without any function. Here we are talking about necklace, rings, bracelets and earrings which are only there to fully complete the look.

Select colours according to your skin, means you are rather pale take warm gold colours instead of cold silver- and the other way around.

Always select according to your morphology. If you are a round O-shape take bigger jewellery, long necklaces and pieces which will be seen. If you are not very tall and slim do not overdo it and select rather smaller pieces.

Always keep in mind that jewellery is only there to complete the look, so do not select too much or too dominant pieces. In business too much bling-bling can be seen as imposing.

The basic rules to choose your business accessory

  • Select quality

Quality always makes the difference and if you buy pieces which can last you will have more of it. Allow yourself to spend some money on it.

  • Choose opposite to your morphology

When you are a tall lady, do not select tiny and small accessories. But if you are rather small do not go for an oversized bag or the big necklace.

  • Match and associate colours

You can find more in our blog about business colours on how to select your outfits. Match the accessories to these colours.

  • Form follows function

For many business accessories this rule is important. You need real tools as a watch, belt or a business bag and you should select according to this.

  • Less is more

Too many accessories will make the look seem overloaded. Select well but to not overdo in what to wear.

With these guidelines you can easily choose the accessory you need for business. And most of the pieces you can use as well outside of the office. Just always keep in mind to select well and buy pieces you really like. Sustainability means not to buy too much but to have things to use over a long period. Make yourself some pleasure when shopping and buy less but quality.