Women in Business are still suffering from unequal work conditions, treatment at the workplace and payment.Empower women and have more chances at work.

Cover topics for business women. And also professional advancement, management, and personal growth lessons.

Bag Affair creates business bags for women to empower them at work and to help towards more equality for all women in business. The handbags are designed to help women but they are also manufactured by women. Topics like empowerment and possibilities to help to grow towards the same conditions between women and men at work are part of the core values of the brand.

Share articles about your personal experiences. And it includes as well as what is happening in the world of business. And what needs to be done and how every one of us can be part of this movement.

We need you to help to empower women! And this needs to be done at the workplace as at home as in every other situation. We are all concerned and we need to act. Learn more and take action yourself- together we can have an impact!


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