End of 2019, end of a decade, end of 365 days, 12 months and even more things which have happened. We created Bag Affair in May 2017, we had the first products end of 2017 and after using 2018 as a year to sustain production, assure supplier contacts and to develop more designs, 2019 has been an incredible year for us. We are thankful for so many things, but as the list of 2019 things would be too long, here are 12 things we are thankful for in 2019.

Looking back, and you should as well- there are for sure things you wanted to move on faster, go different or which you hope for and which did not happen. But look back on all positive things which have happened and maybe write them down to realize that 2019 has been a great year. 12 events, moments, and things we are thankful for- in chronological order:

1- Fashion Revolution – April

April 24th each year is fashion revolution day to remember the tragical event in Rana Plaza killing more than 1200- a negative event, a horrible event, nothing positive. But what is great to see is that each year there are more and more people asking what is behind. More and more not just buying but asking “who made my clothes”. The reason behind will forever be negative but isn’t it awesome how many of us are now looking for more information about ethical fashion, asking more questions and searching for better alternatives. This movement as well as Fridays for Future or other events trying to save animals, humans and our planet are a sign- a sign towards change!

2- Seeing the cork harvest in Portugal – Mai

We work with cork as truly sustainable material since the brand creation of Bag Affair. We love to design and manufacture business bags with this light, resistant material. And we learned so much about cork the last years. We travel regularly to Portugal, know people, places and the trees. But what we are very proud of is that end of May we got it to travel to Portugal with our photographer to bring back with us pictures and a video showing the cork harvest and the process from the tree to the bag. You can watch it here. We want to share a maximum of the process and the way we do things with you and we are happy to be able with this video to show also this part of behind the scenes.

3- The launch of the new homepage – June

One thing we never talk about is our capacities- we can do a lot our own and this is part of the force of the company and at the same time probably a problem of female entrepreneurs. In June we launched our new homepage in French, English and German- and believe it or not: We did it all on our own.

Taiseer and Ronja – both of us did study business, we are not web developers, but we had a vision and a goal. We knew what we want and what we do not. Step by step we learned how to create a homepage, how to set up an online shop, create content, design the layout, etc. And let’s self-praise- the result is pretty good! 🙂

4- Our first professional tradeshow with Bag Affair, Neonyt – July

Bag Affair has been created with export and international sales in mind. We are a French brand of business bags but we want to get these bags out in the world to empower business women around the planet. We want the bags to be in stores so that you can see and touch them, we want to support local stores and retailers. And like this it was natural that we need to start doing tradeshows. We did choose well and started in July 2019 in Berlin at the Neonyt tradeshow, specialised in ethical fashion. A great event and only positive feedback to our products as well as new retailers.

Following we did IMPACT, the first sustainable fashion show in Paris, held in September during the show Who’s next in Paris as well as ILM, a traditional leather show in Germany, Offenbach. – More shows in 2020.

5- Joining SloWeAre – July

Producing fair, working only in Europe, knowing all people working on the bags and always searching for the most sustainable way is in the DNA of Bag Affair- because if is the only way we want to do it.

But we also want you to assure that all what we say is really done, that the brand is really ethical and that the promise we give with Bag Affair is true: ethical business bags in best quality.

We are happy that we joined in 2019 SloWeAre and that we passed the audit. We are truly certified to be an ethical fashion brand and proud to share it!

6- First client in the USA – August

Yes, we wanted to sell in exports, but we have been overwhelmed of the demand of American clients for our business bags. In August we started to work with How Cork in the USA and are happy to now have a reliable partner on our side to deliver clients in the US fast and easy.

7- First time on TV – September

Yes ok you will tell us that our Sassy bag has been already in TV (2018 on Canal Plus), correct. But this year we actually have been invited the first time for a TV interview, not just to show the products. This was the start of a list of events, TV, radio and media and we are thankful for this possibility to spread the vision of Bag Affair.

8- Launch of new products – October

Classy, Bossy and Sassy- if you visited our homepage or blog before, these names are not new. We did launch some accessories like tablet sleeves and wristlets this year, but we have been proud as well to launch Classy and Bossy in black in October. The pre-sales have been great and ever since sales are assuring that it was the right choice to add these to our bags.

9- Of two make three – November

No, we did not get a baby 🙂 But we are super happy that we grew our Bag Affair family with our first employee in November: Welcome again to this crazy, loving family Ugo!

If you are a French customer you might have been in contact already as Ugo takes care of the French speaking market- but he also helps us for events and daily business.

10- No to black Friday- November

Already in 2018 we did not take part in the crazy sales of Black Friday. But this year we went a step further and asked our colleges and students in the Brest Business School (we have the office in an incubator in school) to reflect on their consumption, learn more about ethical fashion and even to give what is not used anymore to a local association helping refugees.

11- Winning the price of Innovation as female entrepreneurs – December

We are so proud and so thankful for this event: We did win the Innovation prize in the category of female entrepreneurs of the region of Brittany as well as the Caisse d’epargne. This prize was dedicated to sustainable development and innovation- fitting perfectly into what we have in mind and on what we are working on each and every day with Bag Affair.

But further the prize we won was dedicated to female entrepreneurs: It could not have been better. Bag Affair has been created to offer business bags for women, to empower them in the workplace and to fight for equality between women and men!

To win this prize was just the perfect end of 2019 and we would like to thank the jury and all supporters again.

12- You, you and YOU !

Right, you the person following Bag Affair, you our supporters, fans and clients. Bag Affair would not be possible without you and we are proud to have you with us in this adventure.

Happy new year to all of you and again THANK YOU from the whole team Bag Affair!

And now we are looking into 2020, a New Year and new decade to come. 366 days (use well the additional February 29th) which will bring new events, moments, meeting of people and of getting to know things- we did set our personal resolutions already which you can find on our blog on Jan 1st, but further to these we are also working on new products, a backpack and wallet, new materials, new innovations and new actions for equality between men and women at the workplace! – How about an idea for you for 2020? – Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned and get the information first of how 2020 goes for Bag Affair!