Business bags for women made from women

Business bags for women are still a small category. We at Bag Affair believe that women need the same tools as men for their work. Work bags which are adapted for professional needs but which are at the same time adapted to the look.

Do you want to go to work with a black briefcase? We guess not. And based on personal experiences our business bags have been designed. Bag Affair was created from women for women.

Practical, feminine and ethical

No compromise when it comes to a work tool The handbags you can buy here are practical though feminine. And further they are made 100% in Europe and completely vegan. We care for work conditions and transparency and an ethical and sustainable approach is important.

  • Tote bag


    The tote bag is perfect for your business day as well as for any other occasion.

    The bag can carry all personal and professional belongings in the big space and you have one outside pocket for better organization.

    • Vegan, natural and sustainable
    • Made in France
    • size: 32 x 35 cm
    • pocket : 15 x 24 cm
    • Strap height: 21 cm