Since the creation of Bag Affair we are proud to have support from our partners. But we are also part of some communities and associations which are important for us.

You can discover them here. At the same time we want to say THANK YOU again for always believing in Bag Affair.

The following list shows our partners in alphabetical order.

Credit Agricole Finistere

Since 2019 the Credit Agricole is our partner when it comes to finance. Not only as we found with this bank partners who listen and who support us regularly we are happy to work with them, but as well as this is a bank from our region in France. With them we have a local partner with a strong interest in developing companies from Brittany.

Green Friday

At Bag Affair we believe in a reasonable consumption. Better to spend money on something you will use for a long time than pushing towards over-consumption. We never do any sales or promotions and we feel that especially the Black Friday is something which pushes with false offers to overconsumption. That for we are part of the association Green Friday since 2020. Every year on the Black Friday we do not do any promotions but instead donate 10% of our turnover.


Since company creation in 2017, RTFACT Brands is PETA vegan certified. To work in best manner respecting the planet, humans and animals is important to us and one of our values. The Vegan certification can also assure our clients that all what we do is truly vegan: From the tissue to the wax used for our wood handles.


Since 2019 Bag Affair has the label SloWeAre. Not only as this is the only label looking behind the scenes and considering all steps of production to judge if a company is sustainable but as well as this is a great network. To obtain the label an audit is done once a year, evaluating all aspects of the brand, from the materials to the way of working until distribution.

Over 50 brands are certified and the exchange with them as well as with Éloïse Moigno and Thomas Ebélé who are the founders of the label add a huge value to our work. Further we also participate in tradeshows and events with the label and the other brands – a really sustainable but also very inspiring network.

Vegan France

Being a French Vegan brand it is important for us to be part of the Association regrouping all actors in the French market. Vegan France does not only give us some visibility but as well a great possibility to be part of this new movement in France towards an animal friendly consumption.