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We were long on a quest for practical yet elegant handbags that aren't cheaply made of plastic, neither vulgarly made from animal skin, costing a fortune - or lives of beautiful animals! Needless to say it was difficult to find. 

The co-founders set out to explore vegan, natural, and environmentally friendly materials to design and create elegant yet functional accessories. Our mission is to encompass elegant design and natural artifacts inspired by, and in harmony with, nature.

Eventually we set out to design our own hybrid of elegant-meets-practical handbags to make the modern woman's busy life a tad simpler. Every Bag Affair piece is carefully designed and handmade with natural cork fabric and natural materials, such as wooden accessories, and cotton interiors.

Bag Affair is a French registered brand, designed in France, and handmade in Portugal with cork-specialised artisans and easy access to the rich cork forests of Portugal.  This is our story, and our passion for responsible fashion and nature. 

Join us and make our Bag Affair your own ! 


A face behind the Affair

As human as our purpose in providing working women with real functional and elegant bags for work, our brand is human in its creation and vision of sustainable production. 

Bag Affair is co-founded by Taiseer Khalil, a French self-proclaimed nomad based in Brest, in the beautiful region of  Brittany west of France. She's been working since the age of 14 as a translator - because highschool was way too easy, and who wants to go to parties when you can translate medical jargon to heart patients !? 

Taiseer since studied in China, South Africa, France and Ireland, headed advertising accounts in Saudi Arabia, structured an export department for a renewable energy start-up in Brittany France, and now took on her inner Bag Affair through all those professional adventures to launch the Bag Affair brand together with her workaholic best friend for other workaholic fashionistas who take their careers and image seriously. All this with a healthy dose of ecological activism.

Handbags for working women, because we all have a deep Bag Affair, so why not also love our bags for work ! 

the Affair in the press


Canal Plus, "l'info du vrai" 15/10/2018

special report on vegan fashion

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