Cork wristlet it’s like a clutch but sustainable

Cork wristlet bags are perfect to carry your small belongings in one place. The choice of material was logical for Bag Affair. With the goal to work vegan and sustainable cork was the right choice.

You find the best quality of cork in Portugal and this is as well where our cork comes from. We know how and where the cork is harvested. Every 9 years the trees are harvested and the bark is collected without cutting down the trees. The tree continues to absorb CO2 and regenerate easily.

Small bag as best friend

Small bags as clutches and wristlets are the absolute must-have. Flexible for you to carry alone they also are perfect to store your needs in one place. You easily put them in a bigger bag during the day or for travel.

Buy here your favourite wristlet or buy it as a gift. You will see everyone will admire your small bag.

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