HAY – we proudly present Matabooks

Paper made of hay, completely vegan, made in Germany and entirely biodegradable. Matabooks designs notebooks and postcards but is also a publishing house. They are based in Dresden in Germany and this young start-up made us fall in love when we discovered their products. Here is why:

Grass paper with No Chemicals

Grass has a small grade of lignin in it- a natural polymer which is in wood as well. For white paper the lignin is often washed away to have a so-called “wood-free” paper.  As in gras the content is very small no chemicals at all are used to make the paper.

Low CO2 emission

Matabooks is a German company and you can find enough grass in the country to make the paper. The transport for the raw material to Dresden is generally less than 100km and lowers CO2 emission compared to traditional paper up to 75%. For info: one-third of the cellulose for the paper production of Germany is imported from Brazil.


All Matabooks articles are vegan and free of any animal content. For most books animal based glue is used, as well as traces in the ink. Matabooks uses vegan glue and natural ink only.

Low water consumption

For 1 ton of cellulose from trees its takes 6.000 litres of water. For the paper of hay you only need 2 litres – this is an immense difference!

We love Matabooks for the sustainability, for the way of thinking different, but as well for their designs on the notebooks. Discover their homepage, follow them online and stay curious! –

December 2019: Our Collaboration Special offer

We want you to discover the work of Matabooks, smell the hay and try it out to see the difference. For every order of 200 Euros and more we offer you the Matabooks notebook of your choice. Just add the reference you want in the comments of your order.

You have the choice between:

SAVE THE OCEAN – not only a notebook of Hay, but as well with a clear message to stop plastic consumption

GREEN CITY – the mix of an urban style with natural roots

Offer valid as long as stock lasts!

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