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What is sustainable fashion for handbags ?

What makes Bag Affair a sustainable brand?

When starting to create Bag Affair, we did this with the consciousness of creating a new brand, creating a new concept and creating new products. We set our goal to design and produce the best handbags for business women, having enough space and compartments, being practical and at the same time fashionable accessories. But all this we wanted to do in a sustainable and ecological way.

Designed to last

We do not believe that the world just needs a new brand for handbags, or a new trend, lasting only a few months. We believe that there are many great brands out there, but we are also aware that the fashion industry is the most polluting industry on our planet. Fashion became a fast-goods industry. Collections change every few months, the drive is to consume lots of things that don’t last too long. We do not believe that you need a new bag 4 times a year, or new shoes each month or even a new t-shirt. We believe that you can have pieces in your wardrobe that are well chosen and that last for years, timeless, in fashion and always fitting to your outfits.

Bag Affair is such a brand: fashionable and practical, long-lasting and never out of style. We may not have the power to completely shift the mad fast consumption of fashion, but we created our brand to go against the tide of fast fashion with slow conscious durable fashion. It’s possible!

To be a fashion brand, designing and making handbags in a sustainable way means to produce close to us and to know exactly how and where the bags are produced, how materials and humans are treated and to minimise waste, plastic and carbon footprint to a minimum.

So what does Bag Affair do?

·         100% made in Europe: As the brand is based in France, we wanted a 100% European production, always close to materials and know-how. We use only European materials and all assembly is done in Portugal, where our main material, the cork textile, comes from.

·         Low sampling quantities: Many fashion brands first work on a high number of samples before launching a collection. These samples are not for real use and often thrown away. We work with only one sample per bag design – even if the sample is not perfect, one is enough to present it to our clients, explaining upcoming improvements, doing the photo shooting and communicating changes to be made to the production place.

·         Avoid Cut-offs: Traditional bag production of leather has to deal with a high quantity of cut-offs and material to be thrown away. Using only cork and cotton and optimizing the space of material to cut-out helps us to avoid cut-offs.

·         Using cork as main material: Cork is a sustainable product, coming from the cork oak trees. When the cork is harvested, only the outer layers are removed from the tree, allowing the tree itself to stay alive and to produce new cork bark.

Bag Affair Classy gold textured cork & tote business bag for 17″ laptops, documents, multipockets. Subtle, practical & office chic bag or for a busy day out


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