Bag Affair’s back story, how it all began !

Necessity is the mother of invention. This is the very brief version of how Bag Affair was born – from necessity.

In a previous life (not that long ago) Taiseer used to manage exports for a renewable energy startup in Brest, France. The job required carrying a lot of documents, personal computer to and from work, appointments, meetings, in addition to a number of international trade shows.

Ronja, similarly, managed fashion exports and more frequently hopped planes for meetings, pitches, fashion fairs all across Europe and the United States. Basically two young women at the top of their career games. The ONE thing we both struggled with was … (hold your breath !) finding the RIGHT BAG !!

We want no compromise on practicality over elegance in business bags

The choice of taking a bag to work is just like choosing the right attire for important meetings, it sets the tone for who you are, or more importantly, who you want to be. The fact that such a handbag was not simple to find in any leathergoods shop (maroquinerie) was frustratring to the point that we both contemplated creating our very own handbag.

A bag for work that speaks elegance, respects the needs of working women with enough compartments, keys and pen holders (yes women use pens too ! surprise !) and preferably not using animal leather or PVC plastic materials.

The idea really stuck, simply because it wasn’t simply about a bag. It’s deeper. It’s about the place of women in the workplace and society as a whole. Who would create a fashion line that truly speaks to real needs of working women other than working women themselves ? For us, this collection tells a story, one of hardwork, chasing dreams, lifting an image and pushing career goals. It’s a love affair, with our work and our bags !

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