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The Hunt for a working bag: Part 1 – the criterias & reality

We all asked the same question.. which bag is ideal for work ?

Except that reality is often hard to find the ideal working bag that unites the practical (i.e. not only large empty space), but also internal organisation, a timeless style that goes with our work outfits. This doesn’t mean only a small shoulder sling bag, but a proper briefcase (yes just like the men out there !) where we can carry our daily work necessities, documents and laptop among others. Another criteria (as if all this is not already hard enough), a bag without animal leather, nor plastic PVC derivants !

It goes without saying that all these search criteria elimintaed almost all the big brands in the bag industry. We were left with the low quality and un-elegant handbags that flood the market at low prices. We discovered a large vacuum in the offer for working women, with bags created with purpose and a tiny bit of imagination ! (to be followed).

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